The 16 Best Beaches in Azores

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Famous for their beautiful nature, the Azores islands are no stranger when it comes to beautiful beachy landscapes. The islands are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world, and as such do have lots to offer. Especially, when it comes to heavenly beautiful beaches.

Unlike most tropical islands, the beaches in the Azores rarely have golden sands. Usually, the beaches are covered in black sand or pebbles. Nevertheless, this does not make them less enjoyable.

In fact, the beaches in the Azores attract many visitors to their shores for various water sports like surfing, diving or snorkeling. So, keep on reading to find out more about the beaches in Azores islands!

Azores Islands Beaches Map

Santa Barbara Beach - São Miguel Island

Praia de Santa Bárbara beach is probably one of the best beaches in the Azores and the most famous. It’s a hot spot for surfers and people who want to practice any type of water sport. Not to mention that its volcanic thin sand is perfect for sunbathers too.

This Azores beach is so perfect that even the World Surf League holds some of its classy events there. Additionally, each year, there are many other events taking place on the beach such as summer festivals and concerts.

Água de Alto Beach - São Miguel Island

Going to the south of Sao Miguel island, you can find the beach of Agua de Alto or Praia da Pedreira, which is in very close proximity. It’s a nice secluded white-sand beach that offers tranquility and is less crowded than the other beaches on the island.

If you plan to sunbath, you can easily do so, as the beach is big enough and you won’t be bothered at all. There’s also a sitting area of which you can take advantage and enjoy the beautiful vistas.

Caloura Beach - São Miguel Island

Caloura beach is a rather small beach set in a fishing village on the south part of Sao Miguel island. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and the natural pool, which can be used for swimming as the ocean can be quite tricky there.

Additionally, the village of Caloura is quite nice for a stroll, so you might want to take advantage of that as well and enjoy the colorful houses.

Praia dos Moinhos - São Miguel Island

This beach in the south part of São Miguel Island is one of the calmest beaches on the island. There are rarely any people on it and it has some of the clearest waters to enjoy. Thus, it is perfect for snorkeling and exploring the ocean floor.

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Praia dos Mosteiros - São Miguel Island

Mosteiros beach is one of the most famous and visited beaches of Sao Miguel island. although, it is not a good sunbathing spot, it is a very good observing spot. The beach is famous for its pebble and rocky floor, which might not be the most pleasant on your feet, but the view during sunset will do its justice for sure.

The Azores beaches

Vila Franca Beach - São Miguel Island

If you have never swam in a submerged crater, now is the time! The beach of Vila Franca do Campo is a famous snorkeling spot that gathers lots of keen snorkelers and divers. On top of that the beach of Vila Franca do Campo is a well-known nature reserve that is home to lots of fish species. You can see lots of colorful fishes, crabs, clown fishes, starfishes and even barracudas.

Getting to the crater can be done by boat, which can leave you there to enjoy your day. although, you can swim outside the crater, it is advisable you do swim in it to avoid being swept away (emoji)

Ribeira Quente Beach - São Miguel Island

The beach of Ribeira Quente is famous for its tranquil setting, but also for its warm waters. Unlike most of the beaches in the Azores islands, the beach of Ribeira Quente does have warm waters. It is a fact that the Atlantic Ocean is pretty cold and the Azores beaches make no exception.

However, the beach of Ribeira Quente is blessed with some hot springs that pour into the ocean water and make its waters warmer. This itself, makes the beach a very desirable spot for swimmers and sunbathers.

Silveira Beach - Terceira Island

This man-made beach in Terceira island is perfect for some pontoon activities or snorkeling. The beach is known for its clear waters, rick marine life and calm waters.

Usually, the locals gather here to enjoy the sunny rays and relax, so it’s the perfect spot to just unwind.

Best beaches Azores

Biscoitos Beach - Terceira Island

Biscoitos beach is set in the north part of Terceira island and is more a swimming spot than a beach. It offers great natural pools spread across the area. You can use them to dip in the ocean and feel unbothered by the big waves clashing in the rocks.

On top of that, you can sunbath on the wooden floor of the area and enjoy the sound of the waves clashing in the rocks. It is for sure a very enjoyable spot on Terceira island (emoji)

Formosa Beach - Santa Maria Island

Unlike the rest of the Azores islands beaches, Santa Maria is well-known for its golden sand beaches and gentle winds. Praia Formosa is probably the best beach of Santa Maria island and is known for its crystal clear waters. It for sure gathers lots of tourists not only for its beautiful sandy beach, but also for the views.

Additionally, each year in August, the Festival Maré de Agosto takes place there and gathers lots of hikers on these shores. This festival is all about hiking the trails of the island and good music, so it is definitely something to try out!

São Lourenço Bay Beach - Santa Maria Island

This secluded beach is one of Santa Maria’s island hidden gems. It is surrounded by huge boulders and cliffs, is less windy and its emerald waters are to die for.

The São Lourenço Bay beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and any water activities in general. Thus, if you are a fan of water sports, it is for sure a great place to practice them.

Fajã Grande Beach - Flores Island

Fajã Grande beach is the westernmost beach in the Azores archipelago and as such does not disappoint. This heavenly beautiful spot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offers a truly inspiring vista. It is surrounded by volcanic cliffs and green hills all around.

Its waters are turquoise and offer great views for swimmers and snorkelers. Thus, if you ever happen to visit Flores island, which is one of the most remote Azorean islands, don’t miss out on this beachy gem.

Best beaches in the Azores

Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo Beach - São Jorge Island

São Jorge island is not famous for its beaches, but rather its fajãs. You are probably asking what is the “fajã”? Well, the fajas are rather submerged areas on the island, which were created millions of years ago by sliding lava. In this way, the lava created a quite stunning areas of small volcanic lakes, that are surrounded by swamps and tropical vegetation. In the case of São Jorge island, there are a lot of fajas and if counted properly, they are around 40 or more.

However, the Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo Beach is the most beautiful of them all. It is located in a nature reserve and can be quite easily reached. In addition, it is on the pathway of one of the trails of São Jorge island, so you can basically see it from the top of the island.

Porto Pim Beach - Faial Island

If you happen to visit Faial island, where one of the strongest volcano eruptions marked the islands, you for sure have to check out the Porto Pim beach. It is set in a secluded area, surrounded by submerged craters and has an amazing pearl like sand. The waters of the beach are crystal clear as usual, so you will be able to enjoy a bit of snorkeling there.

Almoxarife Beach - Faial Island

The Almoxarife beach is a perfect location for people that love beautiful vistas. This beach on Faial island is definitely providing some of the most magnificent views of all the islands.

Apart from that, the beach is famous for its black sand and turquoise waters. Additionally, in very close proximity to the beach, there is a museum that is showing various whalebones. There you will also be able to learn more about the islands’ maritime history.

Beaches in the Azores

Canto da Areia Beach - Pico Island

The Canto da Areia beach on Pico island is in fact the only beach on the island. It is a very tiny beach set to overlook the majestic island of São Jorge.

There is nothing much to do on the beach, except for admiring the beautiful São Jorge island or sunbath, which is pretty much enough. Oh, and interestingly enough is the fact that this is the closest point between São Jorge and Pico island. However, this does not mean you can swim to the other island, so don’t bring your hopes up.

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