The Azores Islands: The Best Azores Island

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Cha Gorreana in Sao Miguel

Ever thought about visiting a place that’s like a hidden treasure in the middle of the ocean? Let me introduce you to the best of the best Azores Islands. These nine little islands in the Atlantic are a mix of everything awesome – from breathtaking views to super friendly folks and experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you’re up for an adventure that’s a bit different from the usual, then the Azores are calling your name.

Picking the best island in the Azores? It’s tough to say which Azores Island to visit, as they’re all amazing in their own way. It’s also the same as asking when is the best time to visit Azores Islands. Well, whenever you decide!

So, why should you pack your bags for the Azores? Imagine wandering through lush green hills, serene crater lakes, spotting whales in the ocean, and the thriving culinary scene that’ll make you want to stay forever. Plus, everything’s done in a way that’s kind to our planet.

The Azores aren’t just another holiday spot, they’re a whole new way to see the world. Ready to find out which island will be your favorite? I promise it’s an adventure you won’t regret!

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The Azores Archipelago

Alright, ready for a quick trip to one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful spots on earth? I’m talking about the Azores archipelago, a cluster of nine volcanic islands chilling out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, these islands aren’t just pretty faces; they’ve got some seriously cool stories and natural wonders to share.

First off, let’s talk origins. These Azores islands are the tips of some massive underwater mountains, formed by volcanic activity. Yep, Mother Nature went all out here around 8 million years ago. The result? An awe-inspiring landscape with everything from craters to lush green hills.

Flash forward to the 15th century, and Portuguese explorers, led by Diogo de Silves, stumbled upon the Azores Islands. Imagine finding an uncharted paradise in the middle of the Ocean! Since then, the Azores Islands have played a huge role in maritime history, acting as a pitstop for countless adventurers sailing the Atlantic Ocean.

But wait, there’s more! The Azores Islands are a hotspot for biodiversity. We’re talking unique bird species you won’t find anywhere else, like the Azorean bullfinch, and a marine life scene that’s off the charts. Whales? Dolphins? Yep, they’re all regulars here.

The flora is just as impressive. With so many endemic plants, these islands are like a living, breathing botanical garden.

Now, let’s talk location. How to travel between Azores Islands? These islands are nestled about 1,500 km (about 930 miles) from Lisbon, Portugal, and they’re a hop, skip, and a jump (or, more accurately, a 4 to 5-hour flight) from the East Coast of the United States and Canada. That’s closer than you thought, right?

The Azores Islands have given the world a lesson in the beauty of untouched nature and the importance of conservation. They’re at the forefront of sustainable living and renewable energy, showing us a glimpse of a greener future.

Today, these Azores islands aren’t just a stopover for sailors but a destination for those seeking an eco-friendly retreat. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or just looking for a breathtaking getaway, the Azores Islands have it all.

São Miguel Island

Alright, let’s dive a bit deeper into São Miguel Island, the crown jewel of the Azores Islands and as per many, the best island in the Azores to visit! Seriously, if you’re looking for an island that packs a punch in every way, São Miguel Island is your go-to. From its vibrant cities to the unbeatable hiking trails, let’s break the largest island of the Azores Islands down:

The Best Cities on the São Miguel Island

Ponta Delgada: This is the island’s capital, and one of the best cities in Azores Island, which is definitely a go-to for culture, cafes, and cool vibes. The cobbled streets and charming architecture are straight out of a postcard.

Ribeira Grande: A blend of old-world charm and modern buzz, it’s a place where you can stroll through history and chill on stunning beaches.

Furnas: Famous for its hot springs and unique cozido dish cooked underground, Furnas is a must-visit for a taste of local life and cuisine.

Hiking in the São Miguel Island

Sete Cidades: Hike around a jaw-dropping deep blue crater lake and be prepared for some epic Instagram moments.

Lagoa do Fogo: Challenge yourself with this hike and be rewarded with breathtaking views of a pristine crater lake. It is for sure one of the most popular spots on the Azores Islands.

Faial da Terra: Perfect for waterfall lovers, ending at the enchanting Salto do Prego waterfall.

The Best Activities in São Miguel Island

Hot Springs: After a day of hiking, unwind in natural hot springs. Caldeira Velha and Poça da Dona Beija offer relaxation in the midst of lush nature.

Whale Watching Tours: The waters around São Miguel are a playground for whales and dolphins. Hop on a boat tour for an unforgettable experience.

Tea Plantations Tours: Did you know São Miguel has Europe’s only tea plantations? Visit Cha Gorreana or Porto Formoso for a unique tea experience.

The Best Things to Do in São Miguel Island

Terra Nostra Park: A botanical garden with thermal pools – it’s like stepping into a fantasy world and is one of the best Azores destinations!

Miradouro da Boca do Inferno: The view here is unreal! Overlook the crater lakes and soak in the island’s beauty.

Ponta da Ferraria: Experience natural ocean pools heated by geothermal activity – a truly unique swim.

When it comes to hiking, São Miguel Island is the best Azores Island for hiking, with its 30 hiking trails, it is for sure the place to go trekking! So, why not make São Miguel your next adventure, plus it has been named as the best Azores island for families? The memories you’ll make here are the kind that last a lifetime!

Terceira Island

Thinking about an island getaway that’s a little off the beaten path? Let me introduce you to Terceira Island part of the Islands of Azores Archipelago. Terceira might not be as famous as São Miguel, but it’s a hiker’s paradise with its unique landscapes. Plus, the mix of culture, history, and natural beauty makes it an incredibly special place.

Let’s dive into why Terceira should be at the top of your travel list, and the must-dos while you’re there!

The Best Cities on Terceira Island

Angra do Heroísmo: This city isn’t just beautiful; it’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites on the Azores Islands. Picture charming streets, colorful buildings, and a history that’s alive in every corner.

Praia da Vitória: It’s got a relaxed beach vibe mixed with historical charm. The marina area is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a cozy cafe experience.

Hiking in Terceira Island

Serra do Cume: Looking for a view that’ll knock your socks off? This is the spot. The patchwork landscape below is absolutely surreal.

Mistérios Negros: For the more adventurous, this trail takes you through a unique landscape formed by volcanic activity. It’s like walking on another planet.

Monte Brasil: This hike around an extinct volcano offers panoramic views of Angra do Heroísmo. It’s beautiful and not too challenging.

The Activities on Terceira Island

Algar do Carvão: An ancient lava tube that you can explore. It’s not every day you get to walk inside a volcano!

Bathing Areas: Check out Biscoitos natural swimming pools, formed by volcanic rocks. It’s a unique swimming experience.

Bullfights: Terceira is famous for its touradas à corda (bullfights by the rope), a traditional event that’s thrilling to watch.

The Best Things to Do on Terceira Island

Império Festivals: These colorful and unique street festivals are deeply rooted in local culture and something you won’t find anywhere else.

Wine Tasting: The Azores are known for their wine. Visit a local vineyard, like the Wine Museum at Biscoitos, and taste some unique varieties.

Gruta do Natal: A lava tube that’s decked out during Christmas, but fascinating to visit any time of the year.

Having this in mind, pack your bags and head straight to one of the best islands in the Azores to visit!

São Jorge Island

São Jorge Island is a hidden gem, perfect for anyone looking to soak up some nature, culture, and pure, unspoiled beauty. Let’s dive into why São Jorge is a must-visit and all the amazing things you can do there!

The Best Cities on São Jorge Island

Velas: This charming town is a blend of colorful houses, cobbled streets, and stunning ocean views. It’s the perfect starting point for your São Jorge adventure.

Calheta: A picturesque town with a laid-back vibe, Calheta is great for exploring local shops and enjoying the seaside ambiance.

Hiking in São Jorge Island

Fajãs Trails: São Jorge is famous for its Fajãs, flat areas by the sea formed by ancient lava flows. Hiking these trails, like the Fajã de Santo Cristo trail, is an experience filled with breathtaking scenery and tranquility.78dsoe35vgtfbui

Pico da Esperança: If you’re up for a challenge, hiking to the highest point on the island offers panoramic views that are simply out of this world.

The Best Activities on São Jorge Island

Cheese Tasting: You can’t visit São Jorge without trying its famous cheese. Rich, slightly spicy, and oh-so-delicious, it’s a cheese lover’s dream come true. And if you want to go for the original stuff, make sure to try the Queijo São Jorge!

Kayaking and Surfing: The waters around São Jorge are perfect for kayaking and surfing. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the ocean here has something for everyone.

The Best Things to Do on São Jorge Island

Visit the Fajãs: The Fajãs, like Fajã dos Cubres and Fajã de São João, are not only great for hiking but also for soaking up the local culture and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Natural Pools: The natural swimming pools at Poca Simao Dias in Velas are a refreshing escape. Imagine swimming in clear, natural waters surrounded by stunning landscapes!

Explore the Coastline: The dramatic cliffs and coastline of São Jorge are a must-see. Whether you’re hiking, driving, or just stopping for photos, the views are unforgettable.

São Jorge Island might not be as well-known as some of its neighbors, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in nature and local culture without the crowds. From the unique landscapes of the Fajãs to the taste of world-renowned cheese, São Jorge offers an authentic Azorean experience.

Pico Island

Have you ever dreamt of visiting an island that’s both an adventurer’s paradise and a tranquil haven? If that sounds like your kind of place, let me introduce you to Pico Island in the Azores. This island isn’t just another spot on the map; it’s a place where rugged nature meets serene beauty. Let’s jump into why Pico Island is among Azores best Islands:

The Best Cities on Pico Island

Madalena: It’s not just the gateway to Pico; Madalena is a vibrant town full of charming cafes, picturesque streets, and a lively marina. Perfect for soaking up the local vibe!

Lajes do Pico: Steeped in whaling history, this town is a mix of historical significance and stunning ocean views. Don’t miss the Whaler’s Museum here.

Hiking in Pico Island

Climb Mount Pico: The highlight of Pico (literally) is its majestic volcano, Mount Pico. Hiking to Portugal’s highest peak is an unforgettable experience, with awe-inspiring views at the summit.

Vineyard Trails: Pico’s unique vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offer more leisurely trails. Walk among the vineyards set against a backdrop of the Atlantic.

The Best Activities on Pico Island

Whale Watching Tour: The waters around Pico are a haven for whales. Going on a whale-watching tour is not just thrilling; it’s a chance to connect with these majestic creatures.

Wine Tasting: Pico’s volcanic soil gives its wine a unique flavor. Visit local wineries for a taste of the island’s renowned wine.

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The Best Things to Do on Pico Island

Lava Tubes: Explore the Gruta das Torres, one of the longest lava tubes in Europe, for a glimpse into Pico’s volcanic past.

Natural Swimming Pools: The island’s natural swimming pools, like those in São Roque, offer a refreshing and unique swimming experience.

Museums and Cultural Sites: Learn about Pico’s rich whaling history and cultural heritage at museums and heritage sites across the island.

Pico Island is a place that will capture your heart with its blend of natural beauty and rich cultural history. Whether you’re scaling the heights of Mount Pico, gazing out at the ocean hoping to spot a whale, or simply enjoying a glass of exquisite local wine, Pico offers an experience that’s as unique as it is memorable.

Faial Island

Are you on the hunt for a destination that’s a perfect blend of charm, adventure, and stunning scenery? Well, let me introduce you one of the most out worldly islands in the Azores Islands – Faial Island.This place is a hidden gem that’s just waiting to be explored. Let’s dive into why Faial is a must-visit and all the amazing things you can do there!

The Best Cities on Faial Island

Horta: This is the heart of Faial, a bustling harbor city with a rich maritime history. The marina is a kaleidoscope of color, filled with paintings left by visiting sailors. Plus, the cafes and restaurants here are top-notch!

Capelo: A small, picturesque village, Capelo is known for its natural beauty and proximity to some of Faial’s most famous volcanic landscapes.

Hiking in Faial Island

Caldeira: Hiking around the Caldeira, a massive volcanic crater, is an experience you won’t forget. The views are breathtaking, and the feeling of standing on the edge of a crater is exhilarating.

Capelinhos Volcano: Explore the Capelinhos, a surreal landscape formed by a volcanic eruption in the 1950s. The terrain here is like stepping onto another planet.

The Best Activities on Faial Island

Whale Watching Tours: The waters around Faial are rich in marine life, making it an ideal spot for whale and dolphin watching. It is good to know that Faial has been known as the best Azores Island for whale watching in whole Europe. Thus, it is not to be missed!

Sailing: Faial, particularly Horta, is a haven for sailors. Even if you’re not sailing yourself, watching the boats come and go is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon.

The Best Things to Do on Faial Island

Peter Cafe Sport: This iconic bar in Horta is a must-visit for anyone sailing through the Azores. It’s a legendary spot among sailors and a great place to soak in the local culture.

Visit the Botanical Garden: The Faial Botanical Garden is a beautiful spot to learn about the island’s flora and fauna.

Scuba Diving: The clear waters and abundant sea life around Faial make it a fantastic spot for diving.

Faial Island might be small, but it’s packed with things to do and places to explore. Whether you’re hiking along volcanic landscapes, spotting whales in the deep blue, or just enjoying a drink at Peter Cafe Sport, Faial offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.

Flores Island

This Flower in the Atlantic Ocean hidden jewel in the Atlantic, brimming with natural beauty that’ll make your Instagram followers green with envy. Let’s break down why Flores is a must-see and what you can’t miss while you’re there!

The Best Cities on Flores Island

Santa Cruz das Flores: This charming town isn’t just the island’s largest; it’s a picturesque spot with lovely streets, quaint shops, and friendly locals. The perfect base to explore the island!

Lajes das Flores: Nestled on the coast, Lajes is your go-to for a dose of history and culture, with its beautiful church and peaceful harbor.

Hiking in Flores Island

Trails to Waterfalls: Flores is known as the island of waterfalls, and for a good reason. Trails like Poço do Bacalhau offer hikes that lead to breathtaking waterfalls.

Rocha dos Bordões: Not your typical hike, this trail takes you to an impressive geological formation of columnar basalt – it’s like nature’s own version of a cathedral.

The Best Activities on Flores Island

Whale Watching Tour: The waters around Flores are prime spots for whale and dolphin watching. Get ready for some awe-inspiring encounters with these majestic creatures.

Birdwatching: Flores is a paradise for birdwatchers, with unique species and abundant birdlife, especially in the lagoons and coastal areas.

The Best Things to Do on Flores Island

Visit the Seven Lagoons: The island’s famous seven lagoons, nestled in volcanic craters, are a must-see. Each one has its own unique charm and beauty.

Explore Fajã Grande: At the island’s westernmost point, Fajã Grande is a stunning coastal area with beautiful cliffs and cascades tumbling down to the ocean.

Dive into Natural Pools: Check out the natural swimming pools at Fajãzinha. They’re perfect for a refreshing dip in a setting straight out of a fantasy novel.

Flores Island is a place where nature’s beauty is on full display, from cascading waterfalls falling into the ocean to serene lagoons and vibrant marine life. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a nature lover, or just someone looking for a peaceful retreat, Flores offers an experience that’s both rejuvenating and thrilling.

Corvo Island

Corvo Island, the smallest and northernmost of the Azores islas, presents itself as an almost timeless and well-preserved secret. Despite its small size, Corvo is one of the most serene islands of the Azores Islands. It is good to note that the whole island of Corvo is classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As an Azorean destination, it stands out for its serene, almost untouched landscape and its ability to offer a truly authentic island experience. It is for sure one of the best island to visit in Azores!

Here, you’ll find an opportunity to explore the quaint beauty and adventures this island has to offer, making Corvo a compelling destination for those seeking a blend of tranquility and exploration.

The Best Cities on Corvo Island

Vila do Corvo: Yep, it’s the only town on the island, but it’s bursting with character. Picture narrow cobblestone streets, traditional Azorean houses, and a quaint, welcoming atmosphere. It’s like stepping into a storybook village where everyone knows everyone.

Hiking in Corvo Island

Caldeirão Crater: This is the hike to do on Corvo. The trail leads up to the rim of a massive, ancient volcanic crater. Once you’re up there, the views are simply breathtaking. Inside the crater, you’ll see miniature lakes and green fields – it’s like looking at a natural masterpiece.

The Best Activities on Corvo Island

Birdwatching: Corvo is a birdwatcher’s paradise, especially during migration seasons. It’s one of the best spots in Europe to catch sight of rare birds making their Cross-Atlantic journey.

Boat Trips: Take a boat trip around the island for a different perspective. You’ll see stunning cliffs, caves, and maybe even some marine life!

The Best Things to Do on Corvo Island

Explore the Windmills: Scattered around the island are these charming, traditional windmills. Some are restored, and they add a unique touch to the island’s landscape.

Relax at the Harbor: The harbor is a peaceful spot to just sit back, relax, and soak in the slow-paced island life. It’s also a great place to meet some locals and hear their stories.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine: Don’t miss trying some local dishes in Vila do Corvo. The seafood is as fresh as it gets, and the local recipes are deliciously unique.

Visiting Corvo Island is like discovering a secret world. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the warmth of island life. Whether you’re trekking to the top of a volcanic crater, watching rare birds, or just enjoying the simple pleasure of a fresh seafood meal, Corvo offers an experience that’s both peaceful and exhilarating.

Graciosa Island

Ready for a little insider tip on a travel destination that might not be on your radar yet? Let me introduce you to Graciosa Island in the Azores, home to the blue hydrangeas. This little gem is often overlooked, but trust me, it’s like finding a secret piece of paradise. Let’s check out why Graciosa should be on your bucket list and all the awesome stuff waiting for you there!

The Best Cities on Graciosa Island

Santa Cruz da Graciosa: This charming town is the island’s heart, with its whitewashed houses and beautiful windmills. It’s laid-back, friendly, and has a real small-town feel to it.

Praia: A small but picturesque village, Praia is known for its lovely marina and stunning beach. Perfect for a leisurely day exploring or just soaking up some sun.

Hiking in Graciosa Island

Caldeira da Graciosa: The hike to this massive volcanic crater is a must. The views are incredible, and the landscape inside the caldeira is something out of a fantasy book.

Serra Branca: For a more relaxed hike, Serra Branca offers gentle trails with stunning views of the island and the ocean.

The Best Activities on Graciosa Island

Cave Tours: The Furna do Enxofre, an impressive lava cave with a unique underground lake, is a can’t-miss. It’s a bit of an adventure just getting there, but totally worth it.

Wine Tasting: Graciosa’s wines are something special. Visit local vineyards to sample some unique local flavors.

The Best Things to Do on Graciosa Island

Termas do Carapacho: These natural thermal baths are perfect for a relaxing soak. They’re said to have healing properties, and the setting is just beautiful.

Whale Watching: The waters around Graciosa are a haven for whales and dolphins. Going on a tour is both thrilling and humbling.

Beach Time: Don’t miss spending some time on Graciosa’s beautiful beaches. Praia beach is a great spot for a swim and some chill time.

Graciosa Island is a place where you can slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Whether you’re exploring volcanic caves, sipping local wine, or just lounging on a sunny beach, Graciosa offers a peaceful escape with a touch of adventure.

Santa Maria Island

Santa Maria is known as the best island in Azores for beaches. Thus, if you’re hunting for a vacation spot that’s a little slice of heaven, then let me take you on a virtual tour of Santa Maria Island in the Azores. This island is a sun-soaked paradise with a distinctly laid-back vibe, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let’s dive into why Santa Maria is a fantastic destination and all the fabulous things you can do there!

The Best Cities on Santa Maria Island

Vila do Porto: This is the main town and a total charmer. With its historical streets, quaint marina, and lovely cafes, Vila do Porto is a blend of culture and relaxation.

Santo Espírito: A picturesque village known for its traditional Azorean houses and beautiful church. It’s the perfect spot to experience the island’s history and culture.

Hiking in Santa Maria Island

Trails of the Barreiro da Faneca: Known as the “Red Desert,” these unique red clay trails offer a landscape that’s totally different from the usual green scenery of the Azores.

Pico Alto: Hike to the highest point on the island for some stunning panoramic views. It’s a moderately easy hike and absolutely worth it.

The Best Activities on Santa Maria Island

Beach Time: Santa Maria boasts some of the best beaches in the Azores. Praia Formosa is a must-visit with its golden sand and turquoise waters – perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Diving and Snorkeling: The clear waters around the island are ideal for diving and snorkeling. Explore the vibrant marine life and maybe even some shipwrecks.

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The Best Things to Do on Santa Maria Island

Wine Tasting: The island has a unique microclimate that’s great for wine. Visit the local vineyards and taste some of the delicious local wines.

Cascata do Aveiro Waterfall: A hidden gem that’s a bit of a hike but absolutely worth the effort. The waterfall and the surrounding area are breathtaking.

Nautical Activities: From sailing to windsurfing, the island’s waters are perfect for a variety of water sports.

Santa Maria Island is a gem that combines beautiful beaches, unique landscapes, and a sense of peacefulness that’s hard to find elsewhere. Whether you’re lounging on a sunny beach, exploring unusual red clay trails, or sipping some exquisite local wine, Santa Maria offers a relaxing yet adventurous getaway.

The Best Places to Stay in the Azores Islands

Each island has its own unique vibe and breathtaking scenery. Now, let’s talk about where to stay. You know, I’ve found that is super handy for finding great places – it’s easy to use and has a bunch of options. Let me give you a quick guide on some top-notch places to stay on each island. Ready? Here we go!

Sao Miguel Island

Azor Central Lodge: This stylish hotel in Ponta Delgada is perfect for luxury seekers. Great views, top amenities – it’s got it all.

Hotel Verde Mar & Spa: Right by the ocean, offering a blend of comfort and modernity, plus a fantastic spa to unwind.

Furnas Boutique Hotel: Nestled in the valley, this hotel is known for its thermal baths and cozy atmosphere.


Terceira Island

Terceira Mar Hotel: Overlooking the ocean, this hotel has stunning views and a fantastic pool. Plus, you’re just a stone’s throw from Angra do Heroísmo.

Angra Marina Hotel: For those who love a bit of style, this modern hotel offers elegance and stunning harbor views.

Pousada de Angra do Heroísmo: Set in a historical fort, it’s a mix of history and luxury.


Sao Jorge Island

Cantinho das Buganvilias Resort: With ocean views in Velas, it’s perfect for a tranquil retreat.

Blue Planet Sao Jorge Azores: Located in São Jorge, it’s known for its rustic charm and mesmerising ocean views.

Sao Jorge Garden: A peaceful spot with lush gardens and lovely views.


Pico Island

Aldeia da Fonte Hotel: Clifftop and rustic, this hotel offers luxury with stunning views.

Hotel Caravelas: In Madalena, close to the ferry, it’s convenient and comfortable.

White Pico Lodge: Beautiful apartment with great views.


Faial Island

Hotel do Canal: Right in Horta, this hotel is great for exploring the town and enjoying sea views.

Azoris Faial Garden: Offers a relaxing environment with great amenities and views.

Pousada Forte da Horta: A historic fort setting, perfect for a unique stay.


Flores Island

Inatel Flores: Stunning rugged coastline views and a great base for exploring the island.

Moradia das Flores Terra Chã: Simple and comfortable, with great access to outdoor activities.

Aldeia da Cuada: For a more rural, authentic experience.


Corvo Island

Comodoro Guest House: A cozy, home-like setting in Corvo’s small and welcoming community.

Joe & Vera’s Vintage Place: A charming and intimate option.

Casa do Antonio: Simple, clean, and right in the heart of Corvo.


Graciosa Island

INATEL Graciosa: Modern, with a pool and great amenities – a fantastic spot to relax.

Hotel Ilha Graciosa: Centrally located in Santa Cruz with comfortable facilities.

Graciosa Family House: A rural farmhouse setting, offering a unique experience.


Santa Maria Island

Charming Blue: A boutique hotel with a lot of character and great facilities.

Hotel Colombo: Near Vila do Porto, offering convenience and comfort.

Casa da Bisa: For the ones seeking a more rural experience with great ambience.


Remember, is a great place to check out these hotels and find the best deals. Each of these islands offers something special, and these hotels will definitely add to your Azorean adventure. Enjoy your trip!

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