120+ Beach Quotes For Your Dream Summer Vacation

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What better way to enjoy your vacation than being at the beach? It is one of the most relaxing and soothing ways to unwind and in fact, rest your body and mind 🧘 

Despite my love for hiking and exploring mountains, I also enjoy spending lots of time by the beach. The timelessness that the beach and the sea bring is simply indescribable. It’s also my favourite place to clear my mind from all the clutter. That’s why, as a way to bring some nice memories back to mind I have curated this list of beachy quotes 📝

Inspirational Beach Quotes

One of the most soul-inspiring things you can do is spend some time at the beach. Watch the waves, feel the breeze and sand in between your legs. It’s definitely one of the most freeing feelings in the whole world. To better grasp and describe these feelings I have collected these inspiration beach quotes below:


1.  “I wonder if the ocean smells different on the other side of the world.” – J.A. Redmerski


2. “I miss the beach, the peace it brings you. I love the sound and smell of the sea.” – Genesis Rodriguez


3. “Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead to the beach.” –Unknown


4.  “Only at the beach can we go a splishin’ and a splashin’.”- Kate Summers


5. “One can not collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can pick up only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh


6. “To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.” – Emilia Wickstead


7. “The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh


8. “The sand may brush off. The salt may wash away. The tans may fade. But the memories will last forever.” — Unknown

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9. “My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near to the ocean’s edge as I can go.” – Henry David Thoreau


10. “I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need.” –Rob Gronkowski


11. “Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.” – Unknown


12. “To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.”- Jeanne Moreau


13. “After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.” – Pam Shaw


14. “Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.” — Michelle Held


15. “Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.” –Christy Ann Martine


16. “I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” – Rosamund Pike

Dreamy Beach Quotes

Beach vacations are oftentimes dreamy and full of romantic vibes 🥰! To better describe the feeelings that the beach brings in each one of us I have selected a couple of dreamy beach captions 💭


17. “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christopher Columbus


18. “Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirits fly.” – Van Morrison


19. “There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” – Sarah Kay


20. “On the beach, you can live in bliss.” – Dennis Wilson


21. “The waves of the sea help me get back to me.” – Jill Davis


22. “I want to run the beach’s length, because it never ends.” – Deborah Ager


23. “Even castles made from sand fall to the ocean.” – Jimi Hendrix


24. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn


25. At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” – Sandy Gingras

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26. “If you think about it, finding true love is a lot like finding a particular grain of sand on the beach.” – Chrissy Anderson


27. “Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer


28. “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa


29. “Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.” – Heinrich Zimmer


30. “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen


31. “I honestly think the beach is the only place children actually entertain themselves.” – Donna McLavy


32. “Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank.” – Amish Proverb

Romantic Beach Quotes

33. “As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.” – Unknown


34. “I love you more than there are grains of sand on the beach, fish in the sea, and waves in the ocean.” – Unknown


35. “If you want to know how much I love you, count all the waves in the sea.” – Unknown


36. “Let the currents guide your heart.” – Unknown


37. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi


38. “Our love is as deep as the ocean.” – Unknown


39. “Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.” – William Goldman, The Princess Bride


40. “The sands of time will never wash away the love that I have for you.” – Unknown

Beach Captions For Instagram

These days everybody wants to share bits of their vacation on the social media 📱. That’s why there is no way to miss out on these beach Instagram captions!

41. “Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.” –Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

42.“The beach is not always a place, sometimes it’s a feeling.” – Unknown

43. “The calming movement of the sea along with the restless ocean breeze gently caresses me creating a soothing trance which lulls me to a place of peace.” – M. L. Borges, By The Sea

44. “Waves tossed themselves against the shore, dragging grit and sand between their nails as they were slowly pulled back out to sea.” – Holly Black

45. “In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” – Rachel Carson

46. “The ocean makes me feel really small and it makes me put my whole life into perspective.” – Beyonce

47. “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” – Robert Wyland

48. “Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go.” – Unknown

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49. “Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.” – Christy Ann Martine


50. “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.” – Kahlil Gibran


51. “Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead to the beach.” – Unknown


52. “One learns first of all in beach living the art of shedding; how little one can get along with, not how much.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh


53. “She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air.” – Holly Black


54. “The ideal formula for writing is naked on the beach. That’s it.” – Freddy Mercury


55. “Sometimes just being on a beach with my loved ones is all the adventure I need.” – Guy Laliberte


56. “The true beauty of a woman can be observed when she has spent the day at the beach.” – Troian Bellisario


57. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

Short Beach Quotes

Oftentimes we become speechless by the beauty of Mother Nature. Beaches are one of the places that can make us quite silent and unable to describe them properly. So, I have gathered some short beach captions to put your awe in a couple of words… 📓


58. “Don’t worry, beach Happy” – Unknown


59. “Friends, Sun, Sand and Sea, that sounds like a summer to me.” – Unknown


60. “Like seashells we are beautiful and unique each with a story to tell” – Unknown


61. “I want to be wild, beautiful, and free. Just like the sea.” – Unknown


62. “The beach is not always a place, sometimes it’s a feeling.” – Unknown


63. “Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.” – Sylvia Earle


64. “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


65. “A walk on the beach soothes the soul” – Unknown

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66. “The waves of the sea help me get back to me.” – Jill Davis


67. “Feeling stressed? There’s a beach for that.” – Unknown


68. “My sense of direction leads me one way: to the beach.” – Unknown


69. “If there’s heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.” – Jimmy Buffett


70. “Dear Ocean, thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired, and salty …all at once.” – Unknown


71. “I’ll have a side of beach with my morning coffee” – Unknown


72. “An Ocean Breeze Puts The Mind At Ease.” – Ali Gordon

Funny Beach Captions

Being at the beach is bringing us immense happiness and good vibes 🎶 So, I have gathered some of the best funny beach quotes that describe how I feel most of the time by the beach!


73. “Life’s a beach, find your wave.” – Unknown


74. “Beach is cheaper than therapy.” – Unknown


75. “I’m not calling in sick. I’m calling in GONE….FOREVER to the beach!” – Unknown


76. “Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead to the beach.” – Unknown


77. “A good beach day keeps the doctor away.” – Unknown


78. “Go where the wifi is weak and the rum is strong.” – Unknown


79. “Beach more, worry less!” – Unknown


80. “The beach is calling and I must go.” – Unknown


81. “A change in latitude would help my attitude.” – Unknown


82. “I need a six-month vacation twice a year.” – Unknown


83. “I’m tired of waking up and not being at the beach.” – Unknown


84. “Resting beach face.” – Unknown

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Beach Sunset Quotes

Usually, a beautiful beach vacation goes hand in hand with mesmerizing sunsets that leave you speechless. So, here’s some awesome beach sunset captions to use!


85. “Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


86. “Don’t forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.” – Paulo Coelho


87. “Sunset shows that LIFE is too beautiful to hold on to the past so Move on to the Present.” ― Jennifer Aquillo


88. “Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan


89. “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” – Richie Norton


90. “I always say that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest are the times when I’ve seen, like, a sunset.” – Chris Evans


91. “Enjoy the beauty of a sunset nature’s farewell kiss for the night.” – Sharon Rene


92. “There can’t possibly be anything more beautiful than Seaside Beach at sunset.” ― Bryn McCarren


93. “Admire the efforts of a failure like you admire the beauty of a sunset.”― Amit Kalantri

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94. “Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.” – Richard Paul Evans


95. “Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” ― C. JoyBell C.


96. “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” ― Nathan Phillips


97. “The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.” – Ram Charan


98. “Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.” – Mattie Stepanek


99. “Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.” ― John Lubbock


100. “There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” ― Jo Walton


101. “Sunrise is the start of something beautiful: the day. Sunset is the start of something beautiful: the night.” ― Juansen Dizon


102. “Endure the pain in the sunrise, so when it’s sunset, there’s lot of profit to be gained.” ― Seyi Ayoola

Captions for Beach Pictures

Well, in the era of social media and photographers boom, there’s no way for you to avoid taking a picture. Usually, that’s the easiest part! The hard part comes when you wonder what to name it. That’s not so hard either, if you read below my captions for beach pictures 🖼️


103. “B.E.A.C.H.: Best Escape Anyone Can Have.”- Unknown


104. “Gone to the beach. Back never.”- Unknown


105. “I believe in the ocean curing all bad moods. I believe in the waves wiping away worries. I believe in seashells bringing good luck. I believe in toes in the sand grounding my soul.”– Unknown


106. “Beachology. Be sure of yourself. Don’t be crabby. Let the worries drift away. Drown out peer pressure. Soak up positive energy. Seas life’s moments.”- Unknown


107. “Sky above, sand below, peace within.”- Unknown


108. “Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.” – Unknown


109. “Dreams are made of sun and sand.” – Unknown


110. “Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll go to the beach.” – Unknown


111. “Namast’ay at the beach” – Unknown

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112. “High tides, good vibes.” – Unknown


113. “Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose.” – Unknown


114. “Summer should get a speeding ticket.” – Unknown


115. “Sand in my hair, butt in a chair.” – Unknown


116. “Aloha beaches.” – Unknown


117. “A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.” – Unknown


118. “Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes” – Unknown


119. “Find me under the palms.” – Unknown

Beach Quotes About Life

I believe that life and beaches should go hand in hand. All the time 🤗 You can learn so much about yourself by staying at the beach and watching the waves come and go. Or simply watch an incredible sunset and unwind after a tough day at work. Nevertheless, here are a couple of beach quotes about life:


120. “Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.” – Unknown


121. “You never really know what’s coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.” – Alysha Speer


122. “Never give up for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Unknown


123. “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro


124. “Like a sandcastle, all is temporary. Build it, tend it, enjoy it. And when the time comes, let it go.” – Jack Kornfield

Final Thoughts on Beach Quotes

Spending time by the beach can be quite therapeutically, especially if you feel tired and drained. Literally, one of the best things you can do to unwind is sitting by the beach and observing.

I hope that you have enjoyed these beautiful beach quotes I have gathered. I believe that they definitely brought some beautiful memories to your mind and a bit of happiness and hope for your next beach vacation…

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I hope that you have enjoyed these beach captions and that they brought some joy into your day! Let me know which one is your favourite below!