What Travelling Teaches Us?!

📅 20 September 2021 | Blog| ⌛ 25 mins

Lessons learnt from travelling

Being on the road can teach you quite a lot. Whether it will make you more open to people or broaden your understanding about life, travelling can be quite amazing in such terms. So go for it!

As a person that is always on the go of finding out more about life and why we are as we are, travelling is my favorite activity for seeking the truth. In fact, travelling can teach you lots of life lessons like no other. That’s why I always say “Nothing teaches better than travelling!”

On top of that, there are many benefits of travelling and you can learn more if you keep on reading!


One of the first lessons you might learn while travelling is humility (unless you have already learnt it elsewhere). Travelling does ask for us to be humble and good while meeting different cultures, beliefs and values. It does that for the sole purpose of us learning more about the world and us.

Honestly, when you are humble and accepting, there is no way to go the wrong way. The world needs people that are caring and good so that it can prosper 🤗


These days, not many have mastered the skill of patience. That’s no surprise, simply because we are always on the run and wanting things to happen magically in this right moment. However, things in real life are quite different to what we might expect. Everything in life requires time and so does patience.

That’s definitely one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt while travelling. Most of the things we want ask for quite a lot of time and if we are willing to wait – we might eventually get them… ✨

Live in the Present Moment

Nowadays, it is quite hard for all of us to live in the present moment. It simply is a struggle. With all of those distractions we simply can’t focus on the moment. We just pass through it…

That’s what travelling taught me. Live in the present moment. While on the road you live for the moment and enjoy every bit of it. And that’s what I call peace. Living in the present moment definitely gives us peace. You simply forget about all the things happening elsewhere. And the best thing is that you literally experience life as it is and as it should be… peaceful 🍃

What travelling teaches us

Being Different is CooL

All of us have different values and beliefs, and that is what makes us unique. I believe we should lewrn to respect each and every single person’s values and beliefs for the simple reason that we all have the right to be right here, right now.

Being different, having different beliefs and values should not make a person bad for us. Instead we should try to learn to accept people as they are. And trust me, we all have flaws, we just ignore them. The moment we learn to accept people as they are, we start learning a lot about life and ourselves. And that’s why being different is cool. Because we all in fact seem to be different for each other… 🌺

Being Alone is NOT about Feeling Lonely

Oftentimes, people tend to confuse being alone with feeling lonely. However, these two are two different things. The first is the state of being alone, the second is a feeling. They can co-exist, but you can also feel quite lonely surrounded by your dearest ones.

That being said, you can be on the road for month without your closest ones, but this does not mean you will feel lonely. In fact, being on your own on the road will broaden your horizon beyond what you can imagine. Being on your very own is freeing and helps you re-discover your own self in many aspects…

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

At first it might be quite scary, but once you do it there is no going back! Travelling is about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone and out of your protective shell. So why not try something new?! Try that local dish, explore the culture of the country, go for a ride with the locals. Do something that will light you up and create great memories for you to remember.

Of course, safety should always come first! So always know your limits 🚶

Don’t Plan Too Much

Well, yeah… Don’t plan too much! Don’t stress too much! Whatever is meant to be will be!

Years ago when I started travelling I would go over the map and plan each and every little detail of my trips. That caused me so much stress as it felt like sticking to a schedule that I myself have created, which was quite demanding. I wanted to visit all the spots I have tagged and usually felt tired and grumpy. Until I realized that to travel is to relax and enjoy each and every bit of the journey.

The same as in life… travelling is about enjoying the journey itself not so much about the destination… well it is also about the destination, but you got my point 🗺️

Travel and learn

Think Outside Of The Box

Do it! All the time!

You have no idea how many times I have been bumping my head towards the wall. I always had to figure  out how to easily get to a certain hidden place. Or to get out of some particular place. It has happened so many times… it’s more than I can count!

That’s why I would always advise – don’t plan too much and always be prepared for surprises. Usually, before I get on the road I would try to seek information about the place I am visiting. However, in many cases that is not enough to prepare you for what might come next. And if you are on a tiny little island in the Azores and getting lost you got to do some thinking 🤔…

Life Lessons Can Be Learnt

In fact, I never thought that is possible until life hit me hard and almost got me off board…

When I was younger I would always push myself beyond my limits with everything. Whether it would the job, university or travelling. Until, at some point my body just simply said “No! Not anymore!”. And that was it. In my case, it was anxiety and depression that hit me so hard, that sometimes you can’t see any light in the tunnel.

However, what was an important life lesson I had to learn was that we should not always pursue everything to the maximum. Instead, we should focus on what is best for us and live by it and with it. In my case, I had to drop a couple of things, so I can actually start making small steps again.

Life is a simply incredible experience and we should always keep on learning!

Fear Is An Illusion

A smart guy once said “F.E.A.R. is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real” and that sank with me for a long time. But it’s the whole and utter truth!

Fear in general is an illusion for which we fall hard sometimes… It is quite difficult to get away from it, but not impossible. The worst thing about fear is that it stops us from trying. It stops us from developing. It stops us from living happy lives. Fear is crippling.

Nevertheless, this illusion that we create is in fact our biggest friend. It is always there to tell us what might go wrong and in fact protect us. However, sometimes, in modern times, it can get quite out of hand. Even so, we need to keep going and do what matters to us regardless of what we fear might go wrong. And even if it does go wrong the way we imagine it, which is around 0.01% possible, we can still overcome it! 🙀

Travelling smile

Smile Often… It Opens Doors Literally!

Smiling can literally open you doors while travelling! It’s no joke!

It has been proven in many studies that people who smile often usually are more welcome than those who don’t. Plus, people that smile often tend to be happier! That’s why it is quite important to smile and simply enjoy each and every day – whether on the road or not! Just smile and keep walking 😌

Learning Is A Lifelong Process

While travelling I had the honor to meet with lots of people from around the globe. One of the most valuable things I learnt from all of them is that life is all about learning! Learning to live, learning to love, learning to accept and eventually teaching it to others.

The road can teach you a lot about life if you meet with other people and connect with them. Everybody has their own story and is more willing to share it with strangers. Learn from other people’s mistakes or successes, it is never a wasted time if you learn something at the end of the day 📖

Experience of travelling

Failing Is Not A Bad Thing

Well, this lessons were not an easy one to learn, but I somehow did and accepted it! It is not a bad thing to fail at something, it is probably bad if you don’t even try!

Everybody is failing at something every minute and every second. Some people are failing hard, others not so much, some are failing many times, others never. The important thing about failing is that you learn 10 times more than if you are not failing at all. So, at the end of the day, go fail, go chase your dreams and fail big, and then eventually succeed and win big! 🙌

Health Is Key

We don’t think much of health especially when we are younger. But the older you get, the more you start thinking of it. It’s one of the lesson one can learn while on the road.

Health is often overlooked and taken as granted, but in fact, we have to learn to sustain and nourish it. Whether it will be your mental or physical health, make sure to take care of it. Don’t push yourself too hard! That job can wait; you can get to that beach next time or visit that city the next year. No one said you should push your limits just for the sake of proving something to yourself (or others) 🤪


Adaptation can be quite hard, especially if we live in a place far far away from home. In fact, it can be quite unsettling in the beginning. But the faster you learn to adapt to each and every situation life throws at you, the better it gets every time.

To be quite honest, adaptation is one of the skills one should possess these days. It doesn’t really matter where you are or what happens, if you manage to adapt quickly, you will be all fine!


Travelling can definitely help you to discover and rebuild yourself in the smoothest way possible. It is a wildly freeing process where you can let loose of all burdens and experience to the fullest.

While on the road you will definitely meet people with different stories that will help you realize the minority of your problems. These experiences will help you rediscover yourself and your true purpose. It is a slow building process but is absolutely worth it…

Material Things Have No Value In The Long Run

That’s the harsh truth most people avoid at all cost.

Nowadays, we are so attached to all things material that we forget what is truly valuable in this life. One thing is for sure, the things that are most valuable have no price. It is not necessary to spend tons of money for travelling. Sometimes the best trips were the ones that cost less, but give you lots of experience in return.

In general, even if you are filthy rich and can afford to visit a lot of places around the world the experience will quickly wear off. This will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and indifference to where you should go next. However, if you gradually hop on to each and every country and dream about it day and night, you will for sure be way happier…

Learn to travel

Lifelong Friendships Are Just Around The Corner

I know it may sound a bit unbelievable, but you can definitely make lifelong friends in a day while travelling! I am no stranger to that experience and can guarantee you that most people don’t bite.

It often happens that you meet fellow expats while travelling and most of them share the same value and interests as you do. Not to mention that you can learn a lot while listening about their life, experience and the list of countries they have visited… 🤝

You Have To Value Different Opinions

We people tend to have different opinions about everything and that’s what makes us unique. That’s why we should learn to value and accept different opinions that are contradicting our own beliefs and values.

This is one of the best things I have learnt on the road – always be open to learn something new. Sometimes that different point of view might completely shatter your entire world and make you look at the world in an absolutely different way.

Surfing in Madeira

Sunsets Should Not Be Missed

No matter where you are going… SUNSETS SHOULD NOT BE MISSED! That’s a rule!

Sunsets are probably the best way to end a day and wherever you go there is always a place where you can watch them. That includes any beach, building rooftops or mountain peaks!

You Will Not See Everything…

Most people are always on the rush to see everything. Everything in life. Everything in a country, city, house, job, etc…

Truth is… you don’t always have to see everything. Leave something for next time. There is always something that you will miss while on the run. So, why bother? It’s not worth it to rush all the time to get that perfect Instagram shot in front of the Coliseum, the Eiffel tower or in Bali.

Try and enjoy each and every place you visit. Get into its energy and experience the present moment so you can better remember it. And get back to it whenever you need it ⛰️

Travelling teaches us

Create Your Own Pace of Travelling

Hell, to the YES!

When I first started travelling I used to rush all the time. Point A to B to C to D to E… and so on. And trust me, I felt pretty miserable and tired. I barely remember most of the places I have visited!

That’s why I have decided to take travelling slowly and life in general. And that decision right there changed everything for me! First of all, my travelling became more content and conscious and I was able to experience everything that was happening to the maximum. Second, I got to notice things in each culture and country that I would never notice before. And that right there enriched me to extents I never believe were possible!

My advice is – travel at a slow pace! Enjoy the present moment and dive into it 🚶

There Is No Right Way Of Travelling

Literally, there is no right way of travelling! Unless you want to go backwards 😆 But I believe that is also quite possible!

There is no right way of travelling for the simple fact that we humans are quite different. Each of us go at a different pace. Each of us prefer to go either to luxurious hotels or some like hostels for the sole purpose of adventure. The main thing about travelling is to do it! Explore the world and you will learn a lot about yourself and others! It is inevitable!

The Touristy Places Are Not That Cool

That is quite a common understanding nowadays, although it might be quite untrue…

However, the touristy places are such for a reason. They definitely are cool and are worth a visit, but there are definitely many other places that might turn out to be better for exploration. That is why whenever I go I always seek for some hidden or not so well-known places around the most famous sights.

This way I definitely make my journey a bit adventurous and more interesting! Always seek for lesser known places and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The World Is Not That Dangerous

Well, it depends where you are 😜 In most of the countries you would go, you will find out that people in general are quite nice and friendly. However, there is always an exception to the rule…

Thus, it is always good to be cautious and prepare for your safe arrival at any place! Research the country or place you are going. Prepare your bag so that you can reach to each and every situation in the best way possible! Don’t put yourself in between dangerous situations and all should be good…

The world is your oyster!
Now go explore it!

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