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How to Travel Different with Kated: An Honest Review

Last updated: 11 January 2021 | Blog

Nowadays, travelling has become quite easy, which led to mass tourism. Crowded cities, guided tours leading to the same places, experiences everybody had…

However, there is a new phenomenon that is going to take over the market – the local experts. These local experts will give you the chance to experience the cities in a different way. Or simply embark on a journey you have never through of would have the chance to experience. All this, thanks to Kated 😍

How It Works?

Kated works as the intermediary between travel designers and the travellers themselves. It gathers unique in itself travel trips, experiences and ideas. Then, it shares it with all of us 🤩

The platform helps travellers easily connect with travel designers to create the perfect trip or experiences. While doing so, everybody is aiming at a more memorable, creative and sustainable trips and experiences.

Creating Your Own Perfect Trip

Kated is quite user-friendly and you can create a trip in less than 15 minutes. Not only that, but you can even share it with your friends like I did! Here is my perfect Sao Miguel trip created with Kated:

💡 How to Create Your Own Trip with Kated💡:

      1. Sign up to Kated
      2. You will receive a welcome e-mail to the Kated Community (check your spam folder)
      3. In the e-mail, click on “Create Your Bucketlist” to create your perfect trip
      4. Give it a name and hit “Create new trip/experience”
      5. Then, you can edit its name, add a description, destination country and experiences you want to try there
      6. Make sure to hit “Update”
      7. Finally, you can share your trip with your friends and family or make an enquire

Requesting a Tailored Experience

If you want a more personal and unique travel experience, then you can consult with Kated’s travel designers… 

💡 How to Request a Tailored Experience with Kated💡:

      1. Go to Trip Request
      2. Fill out the required information for your trip – destination, preferred month, how many days, a budget, prefered experiences/itineraries and for how many people.
      3. Submit the request
      4. Once reviewed, you will be connected with a travel specialist who lives in this destination
      5. Consult with your travel designer to make your trip perfect
      6. Book once done

Why Kated?

Easy to Find

There are lots of travel ideas, trips and experience you can find within the platform.

Save Your Ideas

You can easily save your travel ideas, experiences or bucketlists.


The platform gives the opportunity to connect with local travel experts and have unique experiences.

Free to Use

You can sign up for free and curate your own perfect trips and experiences.

Share Your Ideas

Easily organize your travel ideas into bucketlists and share them with friends and family.

Travel the World

Have memorable and unique trips and experiences around the globe.

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