5 Reasons to visit the Plitvice lakes on your next trip to Croatia

Mar 18, 2019 | 10 mins read

The Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and also the largest of all the national parks in Croatia. It is likely that you have already heard of it and have thousands of reasons to go, but let me tell you why you should really go:

Reason 1

It’s a paradise for nature lovers! A Natural Reserve! And an UNESCO World Heritage Site! Yes, it is all of these 3 things and many more for sure. However, let’s focus – the park offers 3 different routes to tour the lakes and 4 hiking trails to choose from (so choose wisely – I chose route B and was not sorry at all).

Reason 2

Lakes and waterfalls. It has aplenty – 16 pure turquoise lakes and 90 waterfalls! That is quite a lot, right? But the park is huge, and to be precise, it is 295 square meters of unspoiled NATURE!

Reason 3

Diverse fauna. From bugs to bears, Plitvice lakes national park has it all! Sadly, most of the inhabitants of the park are endangered species – European honey buzzard, Crex crex bird, the Large Blue butterfly, the Brown bear, the Grey wolf, the Eurasian lynx are only a handful of the animals at risk. Thus, they all require quiet and secluded areas for their so much needed daily rest and also shelter for rising their young.

Reason 4

Nearly 1/3 of the entire Croatian flora can be found in the park. Among them are orchids (yes, you can encounter orchids at the park), Dalmatian Scilla, butterwort and many more.

Reason 5

Change route. May be, you are on a road trip, hopping from city to city, and it is tiresome.  However, if you stop at the park you might experience that “RE-CHARGE” sort of a “stop”. I mean, we all need it from time to time. And hey, you won’t actually stop, trust me, you will walk your feet off!

Best time to visit the Plitvice Lakes

I would say that the best time to visit the lakes is in early spring or autumn. Why you ask? Well, in early spring, flowers blossom and everything is greener than ever. Autumn on the other hand, might be a bit tricky, because of the rain, but  it is as equally beautiful as the spring , plus you will see the most diverse colors around the lakes.

Now you are probably wondering why I am not recommending to visit the lakes during the summer. Well, in the summer, it will be full of people walking around. Aaand also… hot. Sadly, and more likely is that you will not have the chance to feel the true serenity of the lakes.

Ticket Price

One-day ticket price


1 Jan – 31 Mar

1 Nov – 31 Dec

1 Apr – 31 May

1 Oct – 31 Oct



13 EUR



10 EUR

Children 7 to 18 years



Two-day ticket price


1 Jan – 31 Mar

1 Nov – 31 Dec

1 Apr – 31 May

1 Oct – 31 Oct


12 EUR

22 EUR



16 EUR

Children 7 to 18 years


11 EUR

Plitvice Lakes Trail Tours

Program A

This route starts at Entrance 1 (north entrance). Walking on this tour you will have the opportunity to see the “Great Waterfall” and the “Lower Lakes” canyon. Going further you will be able to enjoy  the lakes „Novakovića brod”, “Kaluđerovac”, “Gavanovac” and “Milanovac”. After that, you will reach a point called  „Kozjak Bridge“  from where the trail starts to begins to rise to the eastern side of the canyon. From this point, you will return to your starting point. (This route  is circular.)

Program B

Starting point for this route is at Entrance 1 (north entrance). The walk around encompasses the canyon of the “Lower Lakes” , then you have to hop on an electric-boat and ride across Lake “Kozjak” and finally walk to the top of the canyon’s east side back to the your starting point at Entrance 1. Furthermore, if you choose this route you will also  have the pleasure to enjoy the “Great Waterfall”, the “Sastavci” waterfalls, the “Novakovića Brod”, “Kaluđerovac”, “Gavanovac” and“Milanovac”. (This route  is circular.

Program F

It starts at Entrance 2 (south entrance). Thus, you will have to walk a bit and get on an electric-boat across Lake Kozjak. This will take you to the canyon of the Lower Lakes and all the way up to the “Great Waterfall”. From there you can walk to the train station which is leading you to the east side of the canyon. Nearby, you will find lots of viewpoints with spectacular views of the crystal-clear and the dark blue lakes. To return you have to go Entrance 2 by train. (This route  is circular.)

The Rules at the National Park

You should not:

Collect plants

Feed the animals

Swim in the lakes

Stray off the marked trails

Dispose of your trash along the trails

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